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Intro video serie

A series of videos designed to introduce the audience from a familiar place to a secret concert venue (related to live streaming concerts under corona lockdown).

Full concert videos on YT

Special Interest


To pick up one area of photography with special interest I choose food photography. I’m particularly interested in vegan food, raw materials and wild food.

Welcome to

MY YouTube

You are warmly welcome to visit my YouTube channel but keep in mind, it’s not my portfolio or showreel. For me it’s a special place to create slow and silly stories of the moments, silent vlogs and behind the scenes.

It’s all about:
being in the moment – not creating the greatest moment of the century
delivering the vibes – not scripting/planning too much
publishing – not overthinking
easy and fast production – not the greatest quality (I even use iPhone and 360 action camera as a source)







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There is no such thing as too small/big or strange case for me to be inspired. The only limit is that I only do things I can stand 100% behind.

I’d love to hear from you!

+45 2916 6075

Home base: Aarhus / Denmark

Open for business: Wordwide